How to Become an Army Dog Handler

How To Become An Army Dog Handler?

how to Become an army dog handler

How to Become an Army Dog Handler? Are you a dog lover with a passion for serving your country? Imagine having the opportunity to work alongside some of the most highly trained and loyal dogs in the world while supporting our military operations. Becoming an army dog handler is not only a rewarding career choice,

How to Become an Army Dog Handler? but it also requires dedication, commitment, and specialized training. In this blog post, we will explore what it takes to become an army dog handler and provide valuable insights into this exciting field. So buckle up and get ready to learn how you can step into the shoes of these brave men and women who serve with their furry best friends by their side!

The Different Types of Army Dogs

There are many different types of army dogs and each has its own unique abilities. Some are bred specifically to work with the military, while others may be better suited for search and rescue tasks.

How to Become an Army Dog Handler? The most common type of army dog is the German Shephard. They are used for reconnaissance and tracking missions. They are also good at communicating with their handlers and can detect explosives or other contraband.

How to Become an Army Dog Handler? Another popular type of army dog is the Labrador Retriever. These dogs are typically used for search and rescue missions, but they can also be trained to help with security duties.

How to Become an Army Dog Handler? Dalmatians are often used as police dogs, but they have also been used by militaries around the world as service animals or guardians. They are known for their quick movements and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Poodles were originally bred as lapdogs, but they have a reputation for being good workers as well. They are typically used as messengers or assistants in training operations, but they can also be deployed in search and rescue missions or guarding sensitive areas.

How to Qualify as an Army Dog Handler

To qualify as an Army Dog Handler, you will need to meet the following qualifications:
-Be a citizen
-Be 18 years or older
-Be a resident of the for the preceding year
-Be in good physical and mental health
-Have no felony convictions or certain misdemeanor offenses that would disqualify you from military service
-Have completed basic training and received an Army Dog Handler Qualification Badge (ADHB)

What are the Requirements for Becoming an Army Dog Handler?

How to Become an Army Dog Handler? To become an army dog handler, you will need a valid military ID and a current veterinary license. You will also need to pass the Army Dog Handler Selection Test (ADHT).

The ADHT is a two-part exam consisting of a written exam and an evaluation test. The written exam covers Army Dog Center, animal handling techniques, and military customs. The evaluation test evaluates your dog handling skills.

How to Become an Army Dog Handler

After passing the ADHT, you will be assigned to an infantry unit. There, you will work with other handlers to train and care for their dogs.

What are the Benefits of Being an Army Dog Handler?

There are many benefits to being an army dog handler. Dog handlers work with specially trained dogs to help them perform their duties in the military. Dogs can be trained to detect explosives, locate drugs or contraband, and communicate with soldiers in dangerous areas. Army dog handlers also receive training in First Aid and battlefield tactics.

Army dog handlers are usually stationed with combat units and are responsible for the safety of their team and the troops. They must be able to handle difficult situations and take care of their team members at all times. Employment as an army dog handler is one of the most rewarding careers available in the military.

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