How Do You Get Dog Tags In The Army?

How Do You Get Dog Tags In The Army?

how do you get dog tags in the Army?

If you’ve ever wondered how soldiers in the army get their iconic dog tags, you’re not alone. These small metal tags serve as a vital piece of identification for service members and are essential in case of injury or death on the battlefield. So, whether you’re considering enlisting or simply curious about military protocol,

How Do You Get Dog Tags In The Army? we’ve got all the information you need to know about getting your own set of dog tags in the army. Get ready to learn everything from why they’re called “dog” tags to how they’re used in combat situations!

How Do You Get Dog Tags in the Army?

How Do You Get Dog Tags In The Army? To obtain dog tags in the Army, you must first apply through your local military recruiting office. You can also apply online. After being accepted into the Army, you will be assigned to a unit and attend basic training. Upon completion of basic training, you will be assigned to a specific unit and go on active duty.

How Do You Get Dog Tags In The Army? During your time on active duty, you will need to wear your dog tags at all times while on official duties. All members of the military are required to have their dog tags inscribed with their name, rank, service number, date of birth, and other pertinent information. If lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to your commanding officer or the nearest military police station.

How Do You Get Dog Tags In The Army?

How to Wear Your Dog Tags

There are a few ways to get dog tags in the Army. You can purchase them, have them made, or get them as a gift.

Army Dog Center To purchase dog tags, go to any military surplus store and look for the “dog tag” section. You can also order them online.

To have them made, you will need to go to your local military jeweler and have them make you a set of dog tags. The cost will depend on the type of tag you choose and the amount of customization you want to be done.

Finally, if you are given a set of dog tags as a gift, they will already be customized with your name and rank.

What to do if Your Dog Tag is Lost or Stolen

If your dog tag is lost or stolen, you should report the loss to your commanding officer. You’ll need to provide your full name, rank, and troop number. You can also call the Army Pertinent Numbers (APN) at 877-Ask-APN for more information.

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