Army Dog Center Islamabad

The Army Dog Center Islamabad, also known as the ADC Islamabad, is a unit of the Pakistan Army that specializes in training and using dogs for various purposes, including identifying criminals. These highly trained dogs are a valuable asset in law enforcement agencies worldwide. Army Dog Center Islamabad Let’s take a closer look at how ADC Islamabad trains and uses its dogs to help identify criminals in cases of theft, robbery, and other criminal activities.

Training of Army Dogs

The ADC Islamabad has a rigorous training program for its dogs. The training of these dogs is conducted by experienced dog handlers who have undergone specialized training themselves. The dogs are trained in various skills such as scent tracking, obedience, and agility. These skills are essential for identifying and tracking criminals.

Identifying Thieves and Robbery Suspects

Army Dog Center Islamabad has an incredible sense of smell, which makes them the perfect tool for identifying thieves and robbery suspects. The dogs are trained to track the scent of the criminal from the crime scene and follow it to the suspect’s hiding place. They can also sniff out stolen goods, which helps in the recovery of stolen property.

Tracking Down Fugitives

Army dogs are also trained to track down fugitives who have fled the scene of the crime. They can pick up the scent of the fugitive and follow it to their hiding place. This makes it easier for law enforcement to locate and apprehend the fugitive.

Search and Rescue Operations

Apart from identifying criminals, Army Dog Center is also used in search and rescue operations. These dogs are trained to search for missing persons in disaster-hit areas or wilderness. They can cover vast areas in a short period, which makes them an excellent tool in such operations.

The Army Dog Center Islamabad plays a crucial role in law enforcement agencies by training and using dogs to identify criminals in cases of theft, robbery, and other criminal activities. The rigorous training program ensures that the dogs are well-equipped to handle any situation that they may face in the line of duty. These well-trained dogs have proved to be valuable assets in law enforcement agencies worldwide.

In conclusion, ADC Islamabad’s use of well-trained dogs has significantly contributed to improving law and order in Pakistan. Their expertise in training and utilizing dogs for identifying criminals is commendable and worthy of emulation.