Army Dog Center Hyderabad Contact Number 03003040404

Army Dog Center Hyderabad Contact Number 03003040404

Dog Army Center Hyderabad Contact Number 03003040404. It’s likely you’ve met at least one Lab in your life, as they have long reigned as America’s most popular dog breed. They’ve won the dog personality popularity contest for so many years, as Labs are devoted to their owners—always willing to show you their affection and receive your adoration in return—are highly intelligent, and are happiest doing any and all family activities. Their enthusiasm not only makes them fun to be around, but also makes them a hard-working breed.

Labs are companionable, bonding with all family members, and famously friendly to every person and pup they meet. While they have high energy and require lots of activity, they are eager to please and highly trainable.

Army Dog Center Hyderabad Contact Number 03003040404

Army Dog Center Hyderabad Contact Number 03003040404

Labrador Dog Appearance

Thanks to their role as a hunter’s companion, the Labrador retriever is a sturdy dog, weighing in at anywhere from 55–80 pounds. Labs come in three colors: chocolate, black, and yellow. While black Labs were an early favorite with breeders, all three types of Labs are common today. Some breeders do offer “rare” Labs, including polar white, fox red, and even silver, but these are simply variations of the three original Lab coloring combinations.

Labrador Dog Care

When you welcome a Lab to your home, be prepared for lots of shedding. Grooming isn’t substantial, but brushing your dog daily will help reduce the tumbleweeds of fur scattered about your house from their thick double coat. They should be bathed every other month to keep them smelling fresh. Brushing their teeth a couple of times a week, keeping their nails trimmed—likely once or twice a month—and checking their ears for redness or odor should also be on your Lab care checklist.

Labrador Dog Health

Labs are a pretty hearty and healthy breed, living 10–12 years. But, as with all breeds, there are some common conditions to be aware of.

Elbow and hip dysplasia, heart disorders such as tricuspid valve dysplasia (TVD), epilepsy, and hereditary myopathy (or muscle weakness) can all affect Labs. They can also face eye conditions, including progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts. Owners should also be aware of a condition called exercise induced collapse (EIC).

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