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Army Dog Center

Sniffer Dogs Breeding In Army Dog Center Located in the Civil Aviation Colony, the unit is the first training and breeding center for sniffer dogs in Pakistan by the customs department. “We have 10 dogs with two females, all Labradors, Dog handler and trainer working since 2009 at the facility following his retirement from the army where he got his ...

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Army Dog Center Original

Army dog center

Army Dog Center Original Service Available 24 Hours Every Day Every Time You Call. All Pakistan Service Available. Emergency Contact: 03003040404. Army Dog Center Trained Dogs Of Army Dog Center . Army Dog Center Solve Murder Case, Robbery Case, Kidnapping Case And Much More. Army Dog Center Army Dog Center ke tarbiyati yafta khoji kutta Or Suragh rasan kutte kisi bhi wardat ( Chori Daketi Katal Aghwa ) yan ...

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