Army Dog Center Faisalabad

The Army Dog Center Faisalabad is a highly specialized unit that provides assistance to law enforcement agencies in identifying and apprehending criminals through the use of highly trained army dogs. With their acute sense of smell and advanced training, these dogs can detect even the slightest scent of a suspect, making them an invaluable tool in fighting crime.

Highly Trained Dogs

The Army Dog Center Faisalabad has a team of highly trained dogs that undergo extensive training to become proficient in detecting scents of suspects, identifying hidden explosives and contraband materials, and detecting other illegal activities. These dogs are specifically trained to work in high-pressure environments, such as in the midst of a robbery or a hostage situation, where their abilities can be critical in identifying suspects.

Expert Handlers

The Army Dog Center Faisalabad is staffed by expert handlers who have extensive experience in working with highly trained army dogs. These handlers have undergone rigorous training themselves to learn how to effectively communicate with their dogs and to read their behaviors to ensure optimal performance in the field. These handlers are highly skilled in guiding their dogs to the source of a scent and can quickly identify the location of a suspect.

Identification of Thieves and Robbery Suspects

One of the primary uses of army dogs in law enforcement is in identifying thieves and robbery suspects. When a theft or robbery occurs, the dogs are brought to the scene to sniff for the scent of the suspect. Once the scent is identified, the Army dog Center can track the suspect’s movements and lead the police to their location.

Tracking Criminals on the Run

Army dogs are also used to track criminals who are on the run. These dogs are trained to pick up a scent and follow it for long distances, even if the suspect has taken steps to cover their tracks. This makes them an effective tool in locating suspects who have fled from the scene of a crime.

The Army Dog Center Faisalabad provides an invaluable service in helping law enforcement agencies identify and apprehend criminals. With their advanced training and expert handlers, these dogs can detect even the slightest scent of a suspect and track them down, making them an essential tool in the fight against crime. If you need assistance in identifying a thief, robbery suspect, or any other criminal activity, contact the Army Dog Center Faisalabad today to learn more about their services.