Army Dog Center Bhalwal

The use of dogs in identifying criminals has been a common practice for decades. In recent years, the Army Dog Center Bhalwal has become a leading provider of trained dogs for suspect identification in Pakistan.

These dogs are trained to assist law enforcement officials in locating and apprehending suspects, identifying stolen goods, and providing valuable information in criminal investigations.

Trained Army Dogs

At the Army Dog Center Bhalwal, dogs are trained to perform specific tasks related to criminal activity identification. For example, some dogs are trained to detect explosives, while others are trained to identify narcotics.

Additionally, some dogs are trained to track suspects by following their scent, while others are trained to apprehend suspects by biting and holding them until officers arrive.

Benefits of Using Army Dogs

One of the biggest benefits of using Army dogs for suspect identification is their heightened sense of smell. Dogs can detect scents that humans are unable to, making them invaluable in tracking suspects or locating stolen items.

Furthermore, Army Dog Center is able to cover large areas quickly, making them ideal for searches of large areas like warehouses or shipping containers.

Additionally, dogs can be trained to respond to specific commands from their handlers. This makes them useful in situations where human officers may be at risk of harm. Dogs can be sent in to apprehend suspects without putting officers in danger.

Army Dog Center Bhalwal’s Trained Dogs in Action

The Army Dog Center Bhalwal’s trained dogs have been used in numerous criminal investigations in Pakistan, including identifying suspects in robberies, murders, and drug trafficking cases.

In one instance, a dog from the center was able to locate a suspect who had fled from a crime scene, leading to his arrest.

Using trained dogs for suspect identification can be an invaluable tool for law enforcement officials. The Army Dog Center Bhalwal provides high-quality, well-trained dogs for use in criminal investigations.

With their heightened sense of smell and ability to cover large areas quickly, dogs can provide important information that might otherwise go undetected.